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The United States Postal Service (USPS)

does direct mail to every address

within one route or multiple routes for

only .177¢ per delivery!

So, now you can customize a Direct Mail

Campaign that accomplishes your goals

within even the smallest budget. Here

are some important details about direct

mail marketing to help guide you through

your direct mail campaign. Direct Mailers

are an excellent way to not only advertise

to the person who gets the mail, but

also every other person who sees that

mailer along its journey through the mail

too! On average, at least 4 people will

get that branding of your company postcard

or brochure, so times that four by hundreds

or thousands for each mailing you do!

Direct mail increases traffic to your

website, increases your projected sales,

and it gives branded impressions of your

business to 1,600+ eyes with every order!

#1: Graphic design for your direct mailers

Great marketing starts, first and foremost,

with excellent marketing design. A lot of

people can use a computer and many have the

skills to use the programs, but can they SELL


design that shows you off as better than your

competition, uses the imperatively proper

keywords that sell your products and services,

and uses the psychology of color with the

proven successes of the layout and styles,

marketing terminology, and catches them in

time for their very short attention span to

remember you?

Did you know that the human attention span

is not 2 seconds less than a goldfish's?!

You can't afford to waste money on a generic

Graphic Designer. You get what you pay for

and you need a professional with 20 years of

marketing experience with this talent and

education so that you don't throw away all

that money you spend on direct mailers.

Design is what sells your products and services,

so hire the best Graphic Designer with the

marketing experience to bring in sales, so that

your money is well-invested.

eddm every door direct mail direct mailers direct mailer design direct mail printer direct mail graphic designer connecticut ct

eddm every door direct mail direct mailers direct mailer design direct mail printer direct mail graphic designer connecticut ct

#2: Printing for your direct mail pieces

We offer wholesale printing prices to design

clients. This means that instead of paying any

other printer retail marked up pricing, which

is often 3x more than the printing should

actually cost, you can save all that money by

working with ikan-ikon as your Print Broker.

We use only the best industry-only wholesale

printers who print the tangibles you get from

places like your local printers who don't have

the equipment or staff in-house to cover every

type of printing project, so they have to

outsource a lot of their printing, and other

businesses that created some in-house printing,

like Staples. A Print Broker shops the industry

for the best quality at the lowest pricing and

can extend those rates to you.

In ikan-ikon's case, we also offer the Graphic

Design, Print Production Graphic Design, and

industry knowledge that gets you the techniques

that save you even more money, because we have

those connections and the training to make you

awesome printed tangibles while also saving you

a fortune!


Another important thing you need to know

about how printing works is this; The more you

order, the less you pay per printed piece.

This is because the biggest expense of printing

is in the set up, for time and money. When you

order 100 postcards, it takes the same amount

of work to set up the job as it does to set up

to print 10,000 postcards. The only added

expenses betwee these two jobs is in the paper

and ink and the time to load them. The design

fees also get offset by ordering more, so overall

you save a lot of money by ordering as many as

you can at one time. The cutoffs are shown in

the quotes below.

#3: Postage through the local post office

The USPS has a minimum of 200 addresses per

mailing, so that means you need to order at

least 200 printed tangibles and you save more

by ordering in bigger bulk with printing.

Plus, you should keep some to hand out to

people too. So keep that in mind as you are

ordering your quantity. Here is a link to

the USPS website
that allows you to

customize the route(s) you want per each zip

code, part of the state, street in a town.

You can sign up and save your searches so

that whenever you are ready, you don't have

to start all over again figuring out where

you want to mail to.

eddm every door direct mail direct mailers direct mailer design direct mail printer direct mail graphic designer connecticut ct

eddm every door direct mail direct mailers direct mailer design direct mail printer direct mail graphic designer connecticut ct


Do you want jumbo postcards or brochures and how many do you want to order?



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