All-Inclusive Website Development Packages

If you have a comment or question about pricing, or just want to get some excellent advice, please do not hesitate to call or email for more information. You will not be "sold" or pressured into anything - ever. We are here as a resource TO HELP YOU. Plus, you get a FREE 1-HOUR CONSULTATION anyway, so you may as well reach out to get advice on how a website and search engine optimized web marketing helps business with the specifics of how these things will relate to help your business... Click here to contact ikan-ikon...

A La Carte Add-On Pricing

The starter package provides you with the basics, but you want to have the best website you can afford that will be working for you twenty-four hours every day three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Even while you are sleeping your website is bringing in traffic, and you want to give them exactly what they are looking for. You want to be their number one resource for all the things you do. One way to accomplish this is by having niche pages that highlight the specialties of your business.

We can add any of these things to your package after your free consultation. Just ask!

Add-on Options for Website Packages

Add-onCustomSEO Web Page$1,000/page
Add-onStockSEO Web Page$500/page
UpgradeCustom/StaticPage Header$50/page
UpgradeCustom/StaticPage Header$50/page
Add-onSEO Primary PagePhoto Gallery$500/package*
Add-onSEO Secondary PagePhoto Gallery$250/package*
*Add-onCustom/AnimatedPhoto Gallery$250/package
*Add-onCustom/AnimatedPhoto Add-in$10/photo
*Add-onStock/StaticPhoto Gallery$100/package
*Add-onStock/StaticPhoto Add-in$5/photo
Add-onCustomOnline Form Page$1,500/form
Add-onStockSingle Review Section$25
Add-onStockNewsletter Sign-up$50
Add-onSectionAny Kind$25
Add-onInteractive MapDirections Link$50
Add-onSame Page AnchorLink to Section$15
Add-onDifferent Page AnchorLink to Page & Section$10

Add-on eCommerce
Search Engine Optimized
Shopping Cart Package

The way we set up shopping carts for small businesses is without a merchant, so there are no ongoing monthly fees and no credit checks. You build the pricing into the shopping cart through the merchant’s per transaction fee of 3.9%.

# Description Service Price
1 Skeleton Core Setup All-Inclusive Development $1,500
2 Main Cart Page (ie: store window display) $750/eStore
3 Main Category Page ie: aisles in a store $500
4 Individual Item Pages ie: end cap item for sale $350

Add-in Additions To Developed Websites

You can also add-in additions to developed websites. To clarify, this is to add in another section AFTER the site is already built. For example, if you are in Phase 2 or Phase 3 or already have a live stock website of ours online and you want to add another section onto a web page, then this is the pricing for that add-on service. You can also add-in anything from the above sections for those listed prices as well.
Sections for stock web pages are: About Us, Services, Reviews, Pop-up Timeline, Mission Statement, Highlighted Projects, Newsletter Sign-up, Online Contact Us Form on non-contact page(s), etc.
Section build-in $50-150 per section per page, depending on the depth of the section.
You can also add-in anything from the above sections for those listed prices as well. An example: You want to add-in an animated gallery or a blog feed or social media feed onto your Home page or another page of your website. You pay the fee to add-in a section plus the fee for the add-on service.
Section build-in $50-150 per section per page, depending on the depth of the section. Plus the cost of the add-on service. For this example, you are purchasing an add-on animated gallery inside an add-in section to your home page, which is listed in the top chart above. Say you have 25 photos you want in an animated gallery add-in section. The price for the animated gallery package plus each photo totals $500 + $50 for a simple section build-in. Total = $550.

Hourly Pricing

  • Web/Print/Marketing $83/hr
  • Graphic Design $56/hr
  • Writing/Copywriting $48/hr
  • Long-Term Combination Services:
  • 1099 Freelance $60 for 20+ hrs/wk
  • W2+ Package $34 for 40 hrs/wk

Choose your option

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