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2018 is going to be incredible for your business. We are creating an incredible experience that connects watchers with your business, that also stretches out over time for that additional storytelling marketing, in a natural way they are already in love with! Then also marketing over the long-term to skyrocket this idea across the internet via social media and broadcast media channels.

This well-rounded omni-channel + omni-media marketing campaign will solidify your business as innovative, unique, talented, trustworthy, and reliable -all the things you need to convey to build up your business thus making more money, which is what being in business is all about.

Of course everyone wants to know how much it's going to cost, so here is a breakdown of the pricing...
Live "Storytelling" Marketing Development (Includes scripting, staging, videography, editing, weekly or monthly.)
Marketing Photography
Branding (yours and/or others)
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest Marketing Campaign
YouTube Marketing Campaign (Uploading, tagging, and setting up the SEO marketing for each video on Youtube.)
Google+ Marketing Campaign
AND Analytics Reporting & Tracking
Newspaper Advertorials Campaign Press Kit
Broadcasting Campaign Press Kit
EDDM Every Door Direct Mail campaign
This all-inclusive package costs $1,051+, depending on your marketing submersion investment efficacy.

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SEO Web Page Design is regularly $500 per page.
Current Special is $350 per page. Save $150 per page!


National SEO Hypertargeting Package regularly $2,500.
Current Sale on this package for $1,250!

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