SEO Only Packages

Organic search engine optimization gets traffic to your website from all over the internet without ever paying for any advertising! The other huge benefit to organic SEO is that it can last forever (if you don’t mess it up after it is set up).

Search Engine Optimization works best if it is on every page with back-end and front-end elements that the search engines want built into your website, but there is A LOT of super boosting that can be done to work around an existing website by adding pages around it too. For example, if you already have a website and you love it as is, maybe you are scared to have someone new touch it, but you want to add SEO Super Boosting to your website, you still can.

SEO Super Boosting can be done for all 50 states or just for a local business in one town, or it can be built up to the national or international level a little at a time. This can provide you with SEO for each city throughout the world, in conjunction with 10 keywords per page.

The more pages you have that are SEO-rich, the better your rankings will be on search engines, so you should invest as much as you can into this, from the start.

If you want to buy a national SEO Super Boost package, there are three options for that and that section will be added to this page soon.

This service has had MASSIVE results with OVER the 363% traffic increase within 30 days over the prior year!

This is a proprietary new type of search engine optimization that ikan-ikon has created that has been showing outstanding results for two years, exponentially increasing traffic for each website it is implemented on, in many completely different industries, so you should order this to get your web site search engine optimize super boosted for your own Page 1 on Google and hundreds of other search engines too!

We also sell the SEO code separately of designing the web pages, for DIYers! (This requires a discussion to ensure it will be used properly. Please ask about DIY SEO.)

We accept a variety of flexible payment options. Pricing ranges from $150 up, depending on how much SEO you want to add to your web site. We also create referral links from other high ranking pages on Google, which builds up your web presence and improves your search engine ranking. Plus, we do Social Media Marketing for only $12 per post! Need blog articles written for you? That is an ikan-ikon specialty!!! We can help you build up your business. Get in touch now to get started as soon as next week!

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