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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the massive process of increasing website visibility in search engine's free ranking results — referred to as "natural" and "organic" SERPs. ikan-ikon always includes SEO.
Social media marketing meets your customers where they already are comfortable, on their home turf. It helps manage your online interactions, inspires connections with your audience, and brings people to you.
Email marketing provides an effective connection with targeted audiences that includes reaching out to new and existing customers, and getting them to engage with your marketing material immediately.
EDDM Direct Mail
EDDM Every Door Direct Mail direct mailers that includes custom graphic design, marketing advice, printing, and postage for only 17¢ per address through the US Postal Service is truly hands-on marketing.
Web Design
Users enjoy visiting websites that are aesthetically appealing, easy to navigate, and have what people are looking for readily available. Get their attention and make an outstanding impression from day one.
Marketing Consulting
Your business needs to be set up well so that you get a great return quickly for each effort you put forth and this is wholly dependent upon how good your business is represented. Advice is always included!
Assessments, Analytics, and Insights show how your business is doing at connecting to your audience. We can see hundreds of details about their demographics and behaviors, which elevates successes.
Expert management of your online PPP pay-per-click, SMM social media marketing, and print ad strategizing with a well-planned Marketing Plan. Order a la carte or a package! Utilize every tool and get training too.
Press kits, articles, blogs, SMM - Great marketing content strategy is critical to successful marketing. You need to ensure that you have captivating writing that enjoyably provides information people want where they'll read it.
Digital Marketing
Increase the visibility and profitability of your business by driving more traffic your website. There are many industry secrets that work together to achieve these goals and referral backlinks and web directories are a part of it.
Logo Design
Every logo design project includes comprehensive logo development and all future-use files for every printer to use forever. ikan-ikon shows off your brand, what you do, and gives your style the stage!
Graphic Design
Gorgeous custom graphic design working hand-in-hand with exceptional proven and inspired marketing techniques increases your value proposition thereby improving your sales. You get beautiful design made right the first time.
ikan-ikon offers industry-only wholesale printing prices to design clients, so you get affordable printing at lower than retail pricing, for glossy, thick marketing materials that shows off your business in the best of the best ways.
Wedding Design
The hardest part about planning a wedding is envisioning all the pieces coming together and ensuring that what is inside your head is what you really see the day of your wedding. These computer renderings will help you make great decisions.
Whether you want to create original art to use in your marketing materials or to decorate your walls at the office or at home, you can hire an Artist for commissioned drawings, paintings, and collectible scultpures, as well as a custom cake toppers.

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Why should I hire ikan-ikon?

Here are 10 great reasons to hire ikan-ikon...

1) By hiring a freelance Web Designer in Virginia Beach, you ensure that you get the best price with excellent one-on-one customer service FAST!
2) Another benefit to working with ikan-ikon is that you do not get charged hundreds of dollars for meeting after meeting like agencies tack onto projects.
3) You do not get charged for expensive frills, swag, advertising expenses, or overhead expenses. You only get charged for the actual time it takes to do the work you hire ikan-ikon to do for you.
4) You work with one person, from start to finish, getting exactly what you need for a price you can easily afford. No haste, no waste.
5) Even complex web design projects can be finished and live online within 30-60 days, and most projects are started and finished within 30 days. Minor changes can be made within 1 hour-3 days. Major changes can be finished within 2 weeks-30 days. You are never left high and dry without your needs being met, even many years later, ikan-ikon always helps clients when they ask for help.
6) Through your entire project, you will benefit from 22 years experience in the marketing industry getting tons of advice, and all of your projects will be cost-effective with excellent ROI, attention-to-detail, created properly the first time, designed beautifully, with sales in mind, to boost your business up to higher levels, as it should be.
7) You own your business and all your projects the minute you are paid in full because ikan-ikon exists to help protect your best interests.
8) ikan-ikon does not make client websites via unsecure Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, ZenCart, Drupal, Wix, etc open-source frequently-hacked CMS platforms. ikan-ikon creates multi-level, security-protected, hard-coded websites that are 100% private, safe for you and your customers. If you want some added features that CMS offers, there are secure ways to get those features and that flexibility to work on pages yourself without sacrificing the overall security of your business, thereby leaving you vulnerable to lawsuits, or suffering a complete loss of your website investment due to inevitable critical errors that CMS websites struggle with, or having your website stolen by hackers who use algorithms to find vulnerabilities and exploit them.
9) When you hire a professional Web Designer who has a Bachelor degree in Visual Communications specializing in Multimedia Design, with a 2-year minor in Business and Marketing, plus a Fine Arts degree, and many, many years of industry-leading experience, you gain crucial benefits that will serve you well for the lifetime of your business. You can view hundreds of projects ikan-ikon has done on Facebook.
10) Since ikan-ikon has been in business since 1999, you get a lot of other services through one-stop shopping.

You can trust ikan-ikon

Notable Client and Connections:

• United States Navy and Marine Corps Special Forces
• Dr. Phranq Tamburri
• 3 Politicians
• 2 national manufacturing companies, which included work for the Philadelphia Eagles
• SAIT International with Distributors in Europe, Canada, and South America
• 6 Servpro® franchises in 2 states
• 2 automotive dealership chains in 3 states - Better Business Bureau, 7 car manufacturers, and the Arizona Republic
• 2 Lawyers
• 1 national managed care company - Doctors, Nurses, the FDA
• Several automotive repair companies, 1 that works on celebrity Cobras, another was in a Hollywood movie
• 2 Boys and Girls Clubs in 2 states
• The United Way of Virginia Peninsula
• 4 other non-profits in 4 states
• Plus many more small and large business clients throughout the United States

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