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If you have a comment or question about pricing, or just want to get some excellent advice, please do not hesitate to call or email for more information. You will not be "sold" or pressured into anything - ever. We are here as a resource TO HELP YOU. Plus, you get a FREE 1-HOUR CONSULTATION anyway, so you may as well reach out to get advice on how a website and search engine optimized web marketing helps businesses, with the specifics of how these things will relate to your business... Click here to contact ikan-ikon...

Search Engine Optimized
Web Design and
SEO Web Site Development

• Affordable • All-Inclusive • Stress-Free
Long-Time and Current Google Partner
• 2017 Google Summit attendee
• Certified in: Google Analytics, Google TagManager, Google AdWords

We have a proven track record of creating many websites ranking thousands of times on hundreds of search engines.
ikan-ikon also offers a lot of flexible, affordable options.

Please see the Terms page for all the details of each service.

ikan-ikon websites include absolutely everything you need to become successful on the Internet. You get a custom website that has your own style and colors, unlimited text and pictures, all the elements that make your website function well, with a user-friendly and search engine optimized website that works for you twenty-four hours a day seven days a week forever. Every website is all screen sizes friendly. In addition, this package also includes a bunch of other things that are imperative to the success of getting you ranked on Google and hundreds of other search engines within the first few weeks of your having a website.Most of our sites get ranked on pages 1-10 on Google within 2 weeks of creation. Some of our sites have gotten page 1 Google rankings within 24 hours! We will provide proof of current rankings and screenshots of previous searches upon request.

Note: You may choose any payment option you wish. We accept PayPal, credit, debit, cash, Western Union, Money Gram, and money orders.

STEP 1: Choose Your Starter Package


SEO Web Design Package Deals


NOTE: See samples and pricing below...

4+ page SEO website starter package

Live final website within 1-8 weeks!†

  • Free 1-hour consultation
  • Custom Marketing Assessment
  • Marketing Research Package
  • Specifications Development
  • Website Skeleton Core Package
  • Backend SEO pages
  • 1 Home Page Package
  • 1 Contact Us Package
  • 1 About Us Page
  • 1 Services Page
  • Site Submit Package
  • Website Maintenance Package
  • 3 Online Presentations
  • Up to 120 minutes of consulting
  • Tagging and Analytics Setup
  • Email Accounts Setup
  • Maps Listings

OPTION 1: BUDGET Stock SEO Website Package

Start With Good Stock! (4+ page stock seo website)

The first package below is one of our customized stock search engine optimized websites with everything you need to get listed on Google fast too! Stock is our own custom-created template that we further customize for you with your own colors and graphics. Simply get started with the $500 Retainer

†Live final website within 1-3 weeks!

Some of Our 2018 Stock SEO Websites:
TutorCT (upgraded customized package)
Zip2it Handyman (basic - under consttruction)
(Ask for our Page 1 rankings and
do the searches for yourself)

Get started today for as little as $500

A La Carte Price $3,585
Package Price $2,000

(Pay only $500 Retainer today)

OPTION 2: UPGRADE to a totally Custom SEO Website Package

Go For The Gold! (4+ page custom seo website)

The custom package is around $4,000 more than the stock package and your website is completely custom with a really unique expression of your business developed as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! You can still simply get started with the $500 Retainer.

†Live final website within 4-8 weeks!

Some of Our Custom SEO Websites:
Dimitri’s Pizza (2016, page 1 on Google within 24 hours)
Delta Mechanical (2015 sold business, page 1 Google within 2 weeks)
Stylin2 Salon (2013)
Foxtail Salon (2012, page 1 Google within 1 week)
Rose City Taxi (2010, page 1 Google within 24 hours)
Sabbys Auto (2009, first client site to get page 1 Google ranking organically!)

A La Carte Price $7,335
Package Price $6,600

(Pay only $500 Retainer today)

PayPal Acceptance Mark

For a complete detailed list of everyhing that is included with our packages, please visit our terms page.

Another thing to note is that the packages in this section are for the most common things people have purchased over the last twenty years, but the packages are not the only way to order from us. We have a complete a la carte price list online. Also, say you want to start with one of these packages for the massive discount, you can indeed add on more features and/or more web pages for the a la carte pricing to get a bigger website with the bargain deal of the package. No worries, we will work within any budget to help you get what you need and customize it for you.

Note: You may choose any payment option you wish. We accept PayPal, credit, debit, cash, Western Union, Money Gram, and money orders.

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