A la carte wedding design services and products

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Note: Each order below is by credit or debit card and includes 3.9% processing fees. Work begins when cash is in hand. ikan-ikon has been in business since 1999, processing cards this way since 2005, and has never had any problems or security breaches, so this is safe and secure, while also being the quickest and easiest way to order from ikan-ikon.

wedding design, wedding planning, wedding ideas, wedding floorplan design
wedding design, wedding planning, wedding ideas, wedding floorplan design
wedding design, wedding planning, wedding ideas, wedding floorplan design
Wedding Design Renderings and Virtual Tours -

Starting at $100-$200 depending on the level of details to each area. In the very rare case that a client wants a lot of changes to the overall scope of a project, ikan-ikon has to charge for the extra time, which is charged by the actual time it takes to do the work.

Ballroom design:
Basic: Pay $104 >>
Detailed: Pay $208 >>

Halls and/or other area designs for $35 per additional area
Pay $37 >>

Add-on an interactive virtual ballroom tour for $35 more, to actually take the virtual tour and walk around inside the rendering. (A link will be provided with instructions on how to take the virtual tour. You can share your virtual tour with anyone anywhere in the world.)
Pay $37 >>

PACKAGE of ballroom design, 2 other areas (ie: entrance hall, outdoor area), and the interactive tour
Basic: Pay $213 >>
Detailed: Pay $317 >>

wedding design, wedding planning, wedding ideas, wedding floorplan design
wedding design, wedding planning, wedding ideas, wedding floorplan design
wedding design, wedding planning, wedding ideas, wedding floorplan design

Just table design with or without a centerpiece design, for screenshots on a web page -

Centerpiece design without table design $20
Pay $21 >>

Guest table and centerpiece design $35
Pay $37 >>

Sweetheart table design with decorations and details $50
Pay $52 >>

Add-on a virtual table tour -

Virtual tour of 1 guest table design $15
Pay $16 >>

Virtual tour of 1 sweetheart table design $18
Pay $19 >>

Virtual tour of both types of tables above, as 1 set $25
Pay $26 >>

PACKAGE of 1 guest table design with centerpiece design, 1 sweetheart table design, and a virtual tour of the two types of tables
Table Package: Pay $115 >>

Add-on Options -
Custom graphic design renderings can add pics of things like the light projected monogram logo on a wall or on the the dance floor, and other customizations and decorations that the virtual tour program does not have included. Those would be pics, not seen in virtual tours. These items are $15 per rendered item. (ie: Gobo light projected monogram)

Custom graphic design rendering of 1 rendered item $15
Pay $16 >>

The virtual tours can be emailed anywhere so anyone in the world can watch them and “walk through” the custom tour.
(Couples can order multiple tours, if deciding between different ideas, to get to see what things look and feel like together more like in real life, which better than just looking at a picture of 1 item by itself without the overall design aesthetics and ambiance. You can see what the room looks like if you choose this or that centerpiece and other decor ideas, so you know for sure which you will love!)

To see an example of the detailed design virtual tour, with a floorplan and pics of a ballroom space...
Click here >>


Custom Wedding Website -

$100 per web page for a customized hard-coded secure wedding website that can link to a funding site (ie: Honeyfund) - all-inclusive pricing.*
* Domain Name and Website Hosting fees are additional. Domains run around $15 per year and hosting choices can range around $25-$100 per year, depending on how it is set up for you. A benenfit to ordering a wedding website with your own domain name is that you can start your family website and forever share pictures with anyone anywhere. Your engagement website > wedding website > marriage website > family website - your website can be whatever you want it to be year after year, throughout your happily ever after!
Wedding Website with 6 pages:
Home page
Our Story
Wedding Plans
Registries (including link to Honeyfund or other similar site)
Contact Us
Total Cost: $675 for Wedding Website plus first year fees (Domain Name, Hosting through ikan-ikon)
Pay $702 >>
Whitney & Johnny >>

Fine Art and Decor -

$56 per hour for other custom graphic design work (request quote)

$120 per hour for fine art projects (painting, drawing, sculpting)
Fine Art Website >>

Printing (with custom design included) -

Wholesale pricing on printing displays, signs, invitations, tickets, stationery, personalized wedding favors, etc.
ikan-ikon also creates free renderings for design projects so people see what they are ordering before they get it in real life. This helps to iron out what people want before placing orders, for things like signs, murals, decorations, wedding favors, gift items for wedding party, etc. ikan-ikon will handle all aspects of ordering any custom or personalized items for you, and extend the low wholesale rates we get to you.

wedding invitations, wedding invitations design, wedding invitation design, wedding invitations printing, wedding stationery, wedding programs, wedding printing

Custom One-of-a-Kind Wedding Invitations, for any budget (request quote)

Custom coroplast indoor/outdoor signs, banners, etc. (request quote)

Customized tablecloths, linens (request quote)

Personalized wedding favors (request quote)

ikan-ikon can accommodate any budget. Prices are not negotiable.

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