About this project

The owner was very interested in improving the company's web presence. During a meeting soon after starting, he said that he was shocked and impressed by how much ikan-ikon accomplished in such a short time.
We went on to work on several other projects to improve their social media and trade show presence as well. The work lasted 9 months and then he hired a full-time employee who took on IT as well.
Search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, blogging, website development, graphic design, and printing work, web marketing, keywords, custom marketing descriptions, target locations, and target markets. She developed custom marketing plans, research on target areas for expansion, customized SMM plans and blog articles after studying demographics and interests, building our total social media audience, hyper targeting keyword and location pay per click advertising, print marketing, web marketing.

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    When and For Whom

    In 2016, the owner, who owned one Servpro® in Connecticut and one franchise in New Jersey at the time, reached out after finding ikan-ikon online. Seven months later, he owned 5 franchises in Connecticut and the one in New Jersey.

Strategy Development

Step 1: Research, Research, Research

ikan-ikon analyzed the company’s marketing presence, conducted keyword research, target audiences, locations, demographics for each target audience and location, and found the opportunities for improvement. The first thing was that there was a huge opportunity for growth in Southeastern Connecticut where there were no franchises and there was a small operation in one rural area that had no web presence at all, so all of Eastern Connecticut could be better served with additional franchises in those areas. The market research showed the best areas to set up a new location that could serve the entire area well where it was likely to be the busiest. The owner expanded and opened 3 additional Servpro's six months later.

Step 2: Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The Google Ads were costing the company $12,000 per month without knowing what or even if it had for a Return On Investment. The first step was to set up the funnel with tags on the website and request that customer service ask how the calls were coming in and enter it into their system, so ROI could be quantifiable. The next step was to set up hypertargeting ads and test to see which keywords worked best. The third step was entering the negative keywords into Google Ads and tweaking the positive keywords with the data from the Analytics, so the searches that could get clicks were the true target audience.

Step 3: Social Media Marketing

The social media presence before was mostly getting likes from a few employees with single digit engagement. We implemented a well-formulated social media plan intended to increase website visitors, create new customers from social media, and increase engagement. We used Engage121 for Servpro®, which is ikan-ikon's favorite CRM dashboard for building up a social media presence. Over half a year, the SMM Analytics and website traffic from social media posts increased by over 500% into the triple digits for some posts and at least double digits for all posts.

Step 4: Internet Marketing with SEO

We started with search engine optimization on the website. Then created profiles in online directories and misrepresented corrected listings and links. Lastly, we built up the blog by adding to it weekly and integrated SEO into the social media marketing.

Step 6: Website Maintenance

The website received several improvements that included a bio for the owner and photos with short bios for the employees and project photos with SEO descriptions for each job.

Step 6: Graphic Design, Printing, and Print Brokering

There is a corporate image that must be strictly upheld, so we aligned with their branding and improved upon the technological side showing their huge inventory of expensive remediation equipment with details about what the machines do. We created brochures that made understanding the processes that became a tool for the sales teams and were popular at trade shows where matching retractable banners showed the different things the company specializes in. Swag and business cards were also ordered for Servpro®.


The company's revenue and profit increased dramatically with the new franchises that became a suggestion to the owner during the research phase the first week ikan-ikon worked with him.

ikan-ikon got the company dozens of page 1 Google rankings for each service they offer that are still able to be maintained 7 years later.

Corporate Website Immprovements -
• Conversion Rate: +300%
• Traffic: +385%
• Lowered bounce rate by 53%

Perfected Google Ads ROI by utilizing negative and positive keywords with customized hyper targeting ads –
• Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Reduced by $15 per click.
• Saved $13,178.80/mo and reclaimed $400 per month through negative keywords.
• Gained 10 more Internet jobs per month, which is upwards of $175,000 higher revenue per month.

proof of successes


letter of recommendation

I found online and hired Kristen to do search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, blogging, website development, graphic design, and printing work for my companies. I was repeatedly impressed and surprised by the results of her talents and skills, particularly with web marketing. Within two weeks, she gave me many reports with keywords, custom marketing descriptions, target locations, and target markets. She developed custom marketing plans for every service listed above, then achieved goals with tremendous successes over the next six months. She also did extensive research on target areas for expansion. Within another week we were already listed on page one of online search engine searches. Some highlights are that ikan-ikon developed customized SMM plans and blog articles after studying demographics and interests, building our total social media audience up to 5,700 and with weekly post reaches of 460! She came up with incredibly successful hyper targeting keyword and location pay per click advertising that dwarfed my own results from $5,000 a month to $8,000 with a lower cost per click. Then she set up reverse marketing counteracting Google who was charging me hundreds of dollars for nonsense clicks to further improve my return on investment. Plus, the Analytics reports consistently show that the paid PPC advertising brought lower visitors than the organic visitors brought to the website. The June 22 - July 13, 2016 Google Analytics report for Servpro of Meriden showed 1,187 sessions from 1,034 users with 2.76 pages per session for a total of 3,278 page views with 387 from PPC at a :31s duration with only a 64.7% bounce rate compared to our corporate average norm of a 90% bounce rate. Her starter efforts paid me back within 3 months, but my businesses will benefit from her marketing forever. She also managed my companies’ print marketing creating beautiful and compelling, well thought out marketing materials. ikan-ikon is an extremely hard worker constantly pushing to achieve new goals with great marketing instincts and seemingly unlimited ideas that she continually pursues relentlessly. She is very task oriented and confidently expresses herself with an amazing amount of constructive information, then implements the plans that each turn to marketing gold. You need to have ikan-ikon working on your web marketing. She is a huge asset to have for all aspects of web and print marketing.

John Luciani

Owner of 5 Servpro® Franchises in CT and NJ