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ikan-ikon DESIGN is a full service Connecticut boutique marketing freelance web design and graphic design company offering our clients full-scale business development solutions. All services are affordable and everything is included. You will never be nickel and dimed. ikan-ikon has been in business since 1999 with the same long-term national graphic design, printing, and web site maintenance clients established as long term clients since 2005. We have built more and more page one Google rankings since our first page one Google rankings gained national attention in 2008.

Please check out this website to find out why it is crucially important that you have a highly ranked website and professionally branding collateral materials for your business.

We can help your business become more successful simply by contacting ikan-ikon ASAP to get your FREE Marketing Consultation.

What we do...

• Wholesale Printing With Custom Graphic Design
(agency-level marketing copywriting included for lower pricing than other printers and higher quality finished tangibles - ie: business cards, window vinyl, lawn signs, lanyards so people ask you about your business, brochures, packaging, labels, pens, tees, polo shirts, trade show and tabletop displays for meetings, banners, literally all types of printing)

• Search Engine Optimization Web Marketing
(organically ranking on page 1 of Google and hundreds of other search engines - forever - for free)

• Affordable SEO Web Design
(that is totally all-inclusive search engine optimized web design for a website that comes up in every Google search forever!)

• Social Media Marketing
(getting over 3,200 unique viewers per week seeing one of our client’s posts, week after week - that’s potential customers buying because they see active relevant blog articles and interesting posts that get their attention)

• EDDM Direct Mail
(it only costs 17 cents per mailer to get people’s attention within their own hands and there are a variety of very affordable options for making an excellent impression)

ikan-ikon specializes in inspired marketing that is cohesively organic, cutomer-minded, multi-channel marketing through networking, in the areas your target audience is already most comfortable. We are grounded by helpful intentions because people want to make a CONNECTION, not be sold. They CHOOSE who to work with based on how you make them FEEL, such as because they TRUST you and they see the value in buying from you over your competitors.

The primary purpose of every website is to provide an education about what you have to offer, establishing your business as a resource that has helped others and is here to stay, a business that they CAN trust.

Every business needs these services and you won’t find a more affordable or better quality option for the things you NEED to stay in business, because ikan-ikon is wholeheartedly focused on helping businesses just like yours, and we have been since our Founder started this business in 1999.

Plus, the Marketing Assessment and quotes are FREE, so whenever you find yourself shopping for these things, ikan-ikon will give you free advice. We have never “sold” anyone and hate sales, so rest assured that you will never have to deal with any pressure.

ikan-ikon is an excellent option for you, if you ever are looking to improve your impression branding, in print and/or online...

Warmest Regards,
~ ikan-ikon

ikan-ikon.com marketing and design has developed niche services that go well beyond just basic website design. Since 1999, the company has continued to expand our services, keeping relevant with technological advances, and keeping our clients on top of web marketing advancements too. Check out our client’s search engine rankings for yourself to see the proof with your own eyes! (ask for the links to the Google searches).

You will find our blog very important to you: READ ARTICLES >>

Individualized Approach

Each client gets exactly what their company needs with totally custom-made one-of-a-kind graphics. We have unique processes to save time. Every project is all-inclusive and stress-free. Money only goes out when money comes in, keeping your costs as low as possible. This is how we have been able to sustain being in business since 1999.

Technologically Advanced

We have clients all over the USA. We are efficiency experts who have developed a fully automated online approval and communication process, as well as another internal website for our vendors, on-call subcontractors, and staff subcontractors. You can view and show anyone anywhere in the world the projects we work on together.

Lowest Pricing For Best Quality

We get industry-only wholesale rates with the top printers that Staples and other printers outsource to. We charge you less than retail prices you get elsewhere. Projects are customized, never the same as everyone elses. We are always conscientious of staying within your budget and keeping your costs as low as possible.

Environmentally Conscientious

Our fully automated online processes from the start of your order all the way through the entire design and approval process is all completely done online. Our meetings are done via Skype, email, and the Internet. In fact, our only use of trees or papers are in whatever is printed for marketing purposes. Help reduce our impact on the environment.

Verifiable Reviews

You can read many dozens of letters of recommendation about our high work ethics, personal testimonials from our clients and other references from many dozens of people who have great things to say about ikan-ikon.

Payment Methods

We offer a variety of payment methods that include Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, debit cards, Money Gram, Western Union, everything but IOU checks.
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A Few Words About Us

ikan-ikon Design consistently delivers outstanding results, combining creative ideas with our vast experience.

We help engage customers with your brand using social media, emails, printed collateral materials, and a variety of channels of digital communication. Welcome to true Omni-Channel marketing!

As a leading online marketing and SEO agency, we work in areas as diverse as search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, digital internet marketing, and printing. Our innovative approach revolutionizes modern promotion.

We establish a relationship with all of our clients, and we feel it is our responsibility to help them grow and harness the opportunity of their presence on the Internet and in print. Please check out all the services we offer below...

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Our Team

We do not expense the overhead of a full-time office, stock up on expensive collateral materials, nor pay for expensive advertising. Instead of spending a fortune of our clients' money, we pay we pay 10% for every referral. These great accounting philosophies are how our prices have always remained lower than others throughout twenty years in business. We enjoy helping stimulate our own local American cities' and towns' economies and supporting emerging American businesses because we have a heart for the American entrepreneurial spirit that built this country, and we prefer to pay people we trust supporting families we know.

seo web design, seo web designer, seo web site design, seo web site designer, connecticut, norwich ct, plainfield ct, ma, ri, ny, nh

Our Mission

ikan-ikon.com is committed to providing easy and affordable one-stop marketing solutions, of the highest quality, quickly, and efficiently.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to be the full-service marketing company of choice to all sizes of businesses nationwide by adhering to our business model.

Our Business Model

ikan-ikon.com turns our marketing into your money.

How Can We Help You Today?

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a website in a search engine's free ranking results, referred to as "natural" and "organic" web marketing.
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SEO Web Design
Users enjoy websites that are aesthetically appealing, easy to navigate, and have what they are looking for. Ours also bring traffic to you with Search Engine Optimized Web Design!
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Successful social media marketing meets your customers where they are comfortable with critical, captivating content strategy that ensures they want, then NEED YOU.
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Email marketing provides an effective connection with targeted audiences giving you the best return on investment, including reaching out to new and existing customers.
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Logo Design
Your logo is your Ambassador that represents and hopefully sells your business when you are not there to speak for yourself. Your logo design is CRUCIAL for your brand so that potential customers VALUE YOU.
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Every Door Direct Mail that includes custom graphic design, marketing, printing, then postage for only 17¢ per address, through the US Postal Service. Direct mailers are useless without excellent marketing and compelling graphic design.
EDDM Direct Mail
Our experts manage online pay-per-click PPC, social media, and print advertising strategies with a well-planned Marketing Plan utilizing every tool within your budget. We handle print advertising, web advertising, radio advertising and tv advertising.
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Printing & Graphic Design
Our Graphic Designers create custom graphic design projects that are marketing-rich and we offer industry-only wholesale printing rates to our clients! Proven inspired marketing increases your value proposition thereby improving your sales.
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ikan-ikon provides great marketing services working on a variety of advertising and promotional projects, many of which have received national recognition, and even press coverage.
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Are you thinking "How am I going to pay for all this?!" or "How much is all this going to cost me?"

We are very flexible working within client budgets. You can make payments. You can also start out with a conservatively small budget-friendly starter package and add onto it over time so that as your business and your website grow with you. This happens all the time, so don't worry about the payment details. You can get a strong business presence online now while building up your business, in the world around you.

ikan-ikon is your choice for seo websites and printing. Contact us now!
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Unlimited Graphic Design

Affordable Quality Workmanship Done Quickly


Choose your package to include one or more of the following services we offer:
• Unlimited Graphic Design $300 per week
• Unlimited Web Design $800 per week
• Unlimited Web Marketing $500 per week
• Unlimited Search Engine Optimization $700 per week
• Unlimited Social Media Marketing $200 per week
• Unlimited Blog Writing $400 per week

• Unlimited All-Inclusive $1,700 per week

You don’t have to worry about the endliss list of tasks it takes to get and keep your marketing on target and functioning smoothly, thereby being profitable for you.

There’s no longer any need to worry about what needs to be designed, how to make sure it will be done properly so that it can be printed and or posted efficiently and cost effectively.

When you have a marketing question that you really needed an answer to yesterday, you have a marketing professional on speed dial, so you can rest assured that everything is handled as it should be.

Every graphic design and web design and internet marketing project that is printed and marketed in tangible format and across a myriad of digital formats is designed beautifully, functions perfectly - instantly.

All work is created by a born and raised American within close reach, so it is all well-written without errors and easy to change if you need changes now or forever into the future.

Your needs are met by a devoted professional with over 20 years experience in the marketing industry working for both small local start ups and huge international businesses, working with clients all over the United States, including the United States Navy and Marine Corps Special Forces, Lawyers, Doctors, multiple manufacturing companies, small local small town restaurants, in home businesses, new start up businesses, and well established businesses of all sizes, all over the United States. Your marketing pro understands exactly what you need and has the tenacity and skills to exceed all of your expectations.

You can read dozens of letters of recommendation to be sure that each of these statements are true. To read our reviews >>>
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Then, when you are ready to get started, you pay your Retainer and get your projects added into the queue, in order of how each projects comes in. Your week of unlimited starts when your first project gets put into our work queue, not when you pay your Retainer.

This way you don’t lose any days getting your ducks in a row to make your first order. You do have to get your work in within a reasonable timeframe of course, but you won’t lose say 3 days if you pay your Retainer then get busy with your business and circle back to put in your first order. We want to make things better for you, not be another stress on top of your busy workload!

Turnaround varies for each project. Projects average 2 days to progress through each design phase. (Approval times depend on the client.)

ikan-ikon also brokers wholesale printing with connections in the print industry that can ONLY be used by industry pros. Our printers are the same printers that Staples and local print shops outsource to, only we DON’T charge the huge mark ups because we don’t have to pay their overhead or all those salaries!

ikan-ikon also saves money on printing with industry secrets of how to get the best results for the lowest cost.

Plan covers general design and marketing Designer working time. These plans do not include the creation of multiple logos, working on multiple websites, tangible printed collateral materials, or working for agencies that design for multiple businesses. Please contact us if you are an agency seeking a subcontractor to make multiple logos, websites, etc. We work great with agencies too!

We also offer website design, custom graphic design, web marketing, printing, and direct mailer services, by the project, for one all-inclusive affordable price.

To discuss your graphic design, seo, web design, and marketing needs, via email >>> * click here *

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