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The way we do it, email marketing is a type of direct marketing that uses personalized emails to educate your email list about your product or services, create engagement opportunities with existing and potential customers, and get more traffic to your website. We use it for building up your brand awareness, growing your web presence, and with those things, when done well, it can also contribute to increasing your search engine rankings. Email marketing is one of the aspects of a well-rounded marketing plan, and emails should go out once per month early in your audience's work day when they first check their email that day, to be most effective.

Email Marketing Plan (only)

Marketing Campaign Development
Email marketing plan includes a monthly calendar schedule
Itemized Action Steps can be ordered separately.
for 12 months
(Contacts not included)

What is included in the Email Marketing Packages?

Hire a freelance Email Marketing Manager for far less investment than having one on staff! ikan-ikon offers proprietary marketing that builds your business. Sign up for a minimum of a 12-month commitment to get noteworthy results because email marketing takes time. Check out the Campaign Plan for Email Marketing that goes before sending these ongoing emails.

Branding for each email, pictures, headers, graphics
Unique Content Marketing
Content Writing
Keywords Marketing
Graphic Design
Email Design
Email Coding
Send Email
Message Forwarding (leads)
Suggested Leads (for follow-up)
Analytics Report

(Contacts not included)

for 1 email
for 1 month
for 3 months
for 6 months
for 12 months

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