Social Media Marketing

ikan-ikon offers proprietary marketing that works organically to build your business in ways it can sustain long-term. Our SMM Calendar operates like a web and looks like a net. It comes at marketing many different ways simultaneously to effectively accomplish a variety of goals that other methods of marketing don't have the fortitude to achieve as quickly and affordably.

What do I need to be successful at social media marketing?
You should sign up for a minimum of a 3-month commitment of at least posts every other day to achieve noteworthy social media marketing results because social media marketing is about so much more than just posting random things and hoping for the best. There are proven methods, techniques, and strategies, all of which ikan-ikon implements. The plan builds up momentum over time. There are also a lot of other things done with these packages, as you can see on this page, that assist in building up a strong social media and web presence.

What is the 80/20 rule?
The best way social media marketing works is when you are not selling all the time because hate to be sold! Research and history show that the best formula for posting on social media is with 80% of your posts being sharing useful and entertaining content and 20% can be about your business, in the form of a wide variety of types of posts that capture people's interest in non-selly ways. Examples are: videos, testimonials, before and afters or project photos, educational demonstrations, informative articles about your niche products and services, jokes, past projects, current projects, highlighted employee bios, posts about your day-to-day business operations, storytelling posts that show off events your business attends, hosts, and things your business is up to, etc. You basically give them a slice of life from behind the curtain so they can see what your business does, on a consistent basis. This builds trust in your brand.

How many posts should a business be posting each week on social media?
A business should be posting 2-4 posts per day. Each post should be formatted to properly fit the SMM channel specifications. Each post should be shared across all of the different social media channels the company uses. The minimum posts a business should be posting is 3 posts per week, but it is best to have at least one post per day because you can't build up a strong following who is interested in your content if there is nothing to be interested in!

Step 1 - Social Media Profile Development

Using Social Media for Search Engine Marketing

Social media setup includes designing the profile cover and header that is responsive for large and small screen sizes, with keyword-rich descriptions, seo placed in all the right places, and the profile gets set up with its own corporate brand persona.

The Main Social Media Platforms for Business Marketing are:
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• Pinterest
• Instagram
• Google +

• Video Marketing
• YouTube
• Tik Tok

(Click HERE for stats on popularity of each social media platform Ο€and what each is used for.)
Pricing is per social media profile.

Step 2 - Social Media Marketing Account Management

All packages include:
1) Branding on social media account, profile picture, header graphic
2) Business description in the About section
3) Unique Content Marketing
4) SMM Writing
5) Keywords Marketing
6) SMM Graphic Design
7) Message Management

Shared articles and/or posts - These are resource posts and part of the 80% types of posts that share other's content.

SMM Plan posts - These are original posts created for your company from our proprietary Social Media Marketing Plan and Calendar that we create to market your business.

The Rule of Threes
We use the rules of three's for marketing because it takes three impressions to capture someone's interest above the paralyzing overload in the massive sea of the worldwide internet. With way too much coming at each person every time they look at a device, it is crucially important to show up and show up for them consistently in ways they need you, so you stand out from the crowd.

What are the objectives of social media marketing?
The goals of social media marketing is to increase brand awareness, build trust in the brand, engage with your different target audiences about things they are interested in, inspire links to your website, capture customers interested in buying from you, enhance customer relationship management, and to get referrals.

Here are some examples of pricing for social media marketing. We accept most forms of payment. Please ask if you do not see what you are looking for.


1 target audience ($250) -
• 6 unique branded posts ($150)
• 2 shared articles/posts ($30)
• 1 blog article (client supplied specifics $100)
• 1 video (client supplied content $150)
• Total of 10 posts per month

Pay $680 + $27 processing


For 1 target audience ($250) -
• 12 unique branded posts ($300)
• 4 shared articles/posts ($60)
• 2 blog articles (client supplied specifics $200)
• 1 video (client supplied content $150)
• Total of 19 posts per month

Pay $960 + $38 processing


For 2 target audiences ($500) -
• 16 unique branded posts ($400)
• 4 shared articles/posts ($60)
• 2 blog articles (client supplied specifics $200)
• 2 videos (client supplied content $300)
• Total of 24 posts per month

Pay $1460 + $57 processing


For 2 unique target audiences ($500) -
• 20 unique branded posts ($500)
• 6 shared articles/posts ($90)
• 4 blog articles (client supplied specifics $400)
• 2 videos (client supplied content $300)
• 2 shared videos ($30)
• Total of 34 posts per month

Pay $1820 + $71 processing


For 3 unique target audiences ($750) -
• 30 unique branded posts ($750)
• 12 shared articles/posts ($180)
• 6 blog article (client supplied specifics $600)
• 3 video (client supplied content $450)
• 3 shared videos ($45)
• Total of 54 posts per month

Pay $2775 + $109 processing


For 4 unique target audiences ($1000) -
• 40 unique branded posts ($1000)
• 16 shared articles/posts ($240)
• 8 blog article (client supplied specifics $800)
• 4 video (client supplied content $600)
• 4 shared videos ($60)
• Total of 72 posts per month

Pay $3700 + $145 processing

You can avoid paying fees by using CashApp. Please CALL to find out how to pay via CashApp.

Step 3 - SEO Blog

Boost your search engine rankings with a blog

Blogs are one of the best ways to boost your search engine rankings organically and they continue to work for you for free forever! You should add at least one new blog article per week, and it should be integrated into your website for maximum search engine optimization exposure. The SEO blog articles should be advertised for free on your social media posts with a summary about the article that links people to your website. This means, each blog article gets its own marketing on search engines and social media that all bring people to your website. Another huge benefit of blogs is that they show off your expertise.

Links to the blog articles can be shared across all of your social media websites and you can send people to your website as a resource. This builds up brand trust and keeps your business fresh in their minds while also boosting your search engine rankings and thereby getting even more site visits.

ikan-ikon does research, interviews you and other experts, writes the article that you can pre-approve and make changes before it is added to your website. A new SEO web page is created and the blog is added to it. Then, a blurb and a link are added to the Blog Home Page. A link is emailed to you and you can add it to your social media and use it in email newsletters, etc. ikan-ikon can do these things for you - ask!

Add a blog to your website to improve your search engine rankings

This package comes with 1 article, 1 blog page, and creates a new SEO Bog Home Page that shows all the pages in a blog and the SEO Article Page.

CMS Website Blog -
Setup a CMS blog with 1 starter article price
Add weekly SEO blog articles
Price per article we write or price per article you write
PLUS price per SEO combination of uploads to YouTube, SMM, embedded on website

Custom Website Blog -
Setup a custom blog with 1 starter article costs price.
Add weekly SEO blog articles.
Pricing is per article we write or price per article you write.
PLUS price per SEO combination of uploads to YouTube, SMM, embedded on website.

Step 4 - SEO SMM

Using Social Media for Search Engine Marketing

Social media tracks data similar to what Google provides, but it is specific to your profile. The benefits here include being able to see how people are responding to posts and content, how interested they are in your profile, business, content, and we can integrate your social media profiles to work seamlessly back and forth with your website, then track that information to get a big picture view of your target audiences behaviors.

Social Media SEO is also a key to gaining higher search engine rankings and building up your web presence. Your social media profiles should all be set up with SEO. Each post should be well-planned as part of your Social Media Marketing Plan that is a piece of your overall Business Marketing Plan, and the stuff that gets posted to social media should be working methodically toward your goals. In addition, each photo gets SEO and links, to improve your rankings and visibility as well as providing referral links that all lead back to your website, bringing customers to you in the short- and long-term.

Another thing to do is to market your website on social media to get links to your website. A storytelling social media campaign is a great way to kick off the unveiling of a new website. What is a storytelling social media campaign? It starts with a teaser post about an upcoming event, then it has 2 or more posts about the event, then a follow up after the event. The event in this case is your website being developed. Once it is live online and ready for public viewing on the front-end of the Internet, a post invites people to visit your website. You can offer incentives in the form of a contest or giveaway for liking your social media page and clicking on a specific web page that tracks the data about that campaign.

This type of social media campaign initiates improving your search engine rankings because this is an integral step in building up the robots and spiders crawling your web pages with the site visitors, if they click on multiple pages on your website, so the robots and spiders can see what people like and don't like about your website and hopefully rank you higher because your site seems to offer what the people want when they engage on multiple web pages in your site.

Watch the videos on our Vlog page for more information on how SEO works on social media.

Pricing is per hour to correct what is on a SMM page already.
Pricing is per new SEO post added, per platform.

Step 5 - SEO Videos

Using Social Media for Search Engine Marketing

Videos get uploaded to Facebook and search engine optimization keywords and keyword phrases support getting higher rankings. Then they get shared with links to your website.

Pricing is per video we provide or price per video you provide.

You can avoid paying fees by using CashApp. Please CALL to find out how to pay via CashApp.


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