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How can a Freelance Marketing Manager help me?

With 24 years of marketing experience being responsible for these tasks for small and large, local, national, and international companies, ikan-ikon can help you! We have set up marketing departments for several companies, providing them with all of the tools and the foundation to grow a marketing department from the ground up. We set companies up for success with all the forms, templates, and education to move forward while the business is gaining momentum, until the company can afford a full-time marketing person or a marketing team.

Marketing Plans
Marketing Calendar
Itemized Marketing Plan Actionable Steps

Website Design
Website Maintenance

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Website Marketing
Internet Marketing
Web Marketing
Digital Marketing

Cross-Platform Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing
EDDM Direct Mail Marketing

Logo Design
Graphic Design
Print Marketing


Press Kit Writing
Press Kit Design
Press Kit Distribution
Marketing Writing
Marketing Blog

Trade Show Marketing
Marketing Event Planning
Event Marketing

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Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
EDDM Direct Mail Marketing
Logo Design
Graphic Design
SEO Web Design
Search Engine Optimization
Website Home Page

Hire a Freelancer to handle all of your marketing and advertising needs

You can hire a Freelance Marketing Manager for one month to a quarter of a year at a time.

You can order per project (see links in the last section), if you do not want to pay by the hour, but you get discounts with the time blocks, so this option is appealing to some of our clients.

The per hour Freelance Marketing Manager Membership rate for 40 hours per week is similar to the full-time staff rate, but we also cover everything else for you, so you have no hassles and no wasted time. Plus, you can also gain more than you spend in marketing rewards once the work is implemented.

You can order one time block at a time to get your company set up or to work on a large project then only order a small amount of time for the next time block to make sure things run smoothly and handle other marketing work you have on deck. You are in complete control of your marketing needs ordering only the time you need without any longer term commitments necessary.

Another key benefit of working with ikan-ikon is we only charge clients for the actual minutes used, not in increments. We do not have a bunch of unncessary meetings, frills, or overhead that clients have to pay for. We keep client costs to a minimum and extend the discounts we negotiate to our clients.

There are flexible payment options for your convenience. We have transparency in all of our pricing, policies, and terms, which are always clearly displayed on the website, so there are never any surprises. This is a 100% American business that has been helping clients across the USA since 1999, so you can trust ikan-ikon.

Employee compensation for civilian workers averaged $43.07/hr in March 2023. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics You should expect to spend $7,500–$28,000 in hard costs to find and onboard a new employee, including job board fees, background checks, and training. Time management invested meeting with candidates, screening applications, scheduling rounds of interviews and making decisions reduces ROI from accomplishing business goals. Mid-level employee hiring typically costs 1–1.5 times their salary and takes 36–42 days to fill the position, 3–8 months for a new hire to become fully productive at work.

Hourly Rates and Membership Packages

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